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Gandhi Peace March And Unity Rally; Indian Americans Support Black Lives Matter

Gandhi Peace March And Unity Rally
Gandhi Peace March And Unity Rally

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Join us tomorrow in Irvine at 10 am for the Gandhi Peace March & Unity Rally. Let’s show our Indian American Community’s support for achieving equality and justice for our Black Community.

Our message is simple: Ahimsa (nonviolence) and Satyagraha (passive civil resistance) bring about real, positive change against systemic racism, oppression & hate!

One big reason we immigrants are here in this America is because of Martin Luther King Jr. and the Black Community. MLK Jr. led the Civil Rights movement with non-violence and passive resistance in America in the sixties (inspired by Gandhiji), and championed the Civil Rights Act that liberated everyone regardless of race, religion, nationality, sex and color. Without the Civil Rights Act and Immigration Quota Act, we wouldn’t be proffered the same type of liberty and freedom as all Americans do, much less have the ability to immigrate here. We owe the Civil Rights activists a huge debt of gratitude, since they paved the way for more immigrants to enjoy equal opportunities…

Irvine Police Chief Hamel will be giving a talk along with his diversity officers. Local Black and Community Leaders are also sharing their message of peace and harmony.

We will begin the Peace March at Bill Barber parking lot at the Bill Barber park in Irvine and end with the Rally in the front lawn of the City Hall. In full cooperation with Irvine Police Department and the City of Irvine.

Everyone is required to wear face masks / face coverings, keep minimum 6 feet distance, and keep hand sanitizers. We are not expecting more than 100 people. The March and Rally is in wide open space that can accommodate thousands of people. So please don’t have any worries whatsoever. We are going to practice complete safety. Thank you for joining us in solidarity for our Black Community.

Please contact Sanjay B. Dalal at: 949-910-0615 if you have any questions.

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