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A vote for Herb Wesson Jr. is a voice for us. Make African votes count!

Magazine, The Immigrant Experience

The Committee of African Friends for Herb Wesson Jr., made of African immigrants from several African countries strongly supports the candidacy of Herb Wesson Jr. for Los Angeles County Supervisor.

As stakeholders in African business and the immigrant community in Southern California, we are rallying efforts to support the current President of Los Angeles City, Herb Wesson Jr, in his 2020 candidacy for the office of Los Angeles County 2nd District Board of Supervisor.

Mr. Wesson Jr. is running on a platform of change with a focus on improving LA residents’ relations in engagement with the Los Angeles Police Department, increasing representation, and generating advocacy for socio-political and economic concerns at local, state and federal level as well as increase funding opportunities for school districts.

Prior to this campaign, Mr. Herb Wesson Jr. has been successful in many impactful initiatives In LA, including; co-creating the 2016 programme, “emBrace L.A”, which promotes conversations on ethnicity, race, and diversity. He was also involved in the 2016 creation of a $10 million legal assistance fund aiding Los Angelenos facing deportation. In relation, Wesson helped the City Council’s approval in appointing Peter Shey as “Immigration Advocate “in 2017. He chaired the City Council’s successful 2017 proposal for Los Angeles’ 2028 hosting of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, which will generate jobs and prestige for Los Angeles.

With a successful campaign for Los Angeles County 2nd District Board of Supervisor, Herb Wesson Jr. will fight for the continued success of Africans in Los Angeles.

A hard-won opportunity has been presented to African Immigrants in Los Angeles now through Herb Wesson Jr. We all know, 2020 and beyond will see diminishing resources to African immigrant groups amidst competition with other well organized and powerful political ethnic groups. It is not only necessary but also imperative that we campaign, fundraise and vote for a candidate that cares about our African Diaspora. Our future depends on the success of this campaign in LA as we face unique challenges in creating and executing productive, sustainable, and impactful policies that will improve the lifestyle of African Immigrants in Los Angeles. Herb Wesson Jr. is a very experienced and efficient candidate to help achieve our vision moving forward if we help him win.

Before November 2020, our community is encouraged to register for the absentee ballot and barring this, participate in early voting. We aim to avoid Election Day rush and potential
Covid-19 restrictions. Please show up physically if neither of the two previous options is
possible. Whatever the circumstances, vote!

All African voters, friends and allies, let’s ensure our voices are heard and our needs addressed.

Unity in campaigning, fundraising and voting yield results.

For more information contact:
A vote for Herb Wesson Jr. is a voice for us.
Make African votes count!
Vote for Herb Wesson Jr!

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