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Chinese New Year Celebrations in the United States

Chinese New Year Celebrations in the United States

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Are you finished with New Year Celebrations? Then get ready for another celebration of the same kind. Lunar New Year is going to happen on February 1. You might be wondering who and in what number celebrates Lunar New Year in the United States. To your surprise, it is widely celebrated in the US for two weeks by some 4 million Chinese-American who constitute almost 1.7% of the total US population.

Americans call it Chinese New Year. However, it’s not a public holiday in the US. No official celebrations are held while businesses have normal opening hours. On the other hand, China, Vietnam, Korea, Singapore, Laos, and many Asian countries celebrate the Lunar New Year as a national holiday.

Chinese New Year in the US is a big deal. The festival continues for two weeks which encompasses celebrations, delicious food, traditions, and reunions with friends and family. Moreover, festivities and parades are held nationwide. Here are five American places which are particularly famous for Chinese New Year Celebrations. You can visit any of them to get a taste of the celebrations.

Chicago, Illinois
Chicago witnesses two huge Lunar Year celebrations every year; one in the north and the other in the south part of the city. The notable events of these celebrations include the famous lantern festival that is held at the Art Institute each year. People also enjoy a thrilling concert arranged at the Symphony Center that features Chinese music, dance, and acrobatics.

Boston, Massachusetts
America’s third-largest Chinatown is located in Boston. That’s the reason why Chinese New Year in Boston is celebrated in a befitting manner. A huge Chinese New Year parade is held in which lion dancers and drummers clad in bright costumes enthrall the audience. Overwhelmingly impressive fireworks and spectacular light shows are also held to welcome the Lunar New Year.
Some highlights of the celebrations include Chinese New Year displays and performances at Franklin Park Zoo, free family activities at the Pao Arts Center, and a flower show at Pop-up Market.

San Francisco, California
San Francisco is one of the places where Chinese New Year is celebrated in style. In the 1860s, when Chinese immigrants started showcasing their indigenous culture and traditions, they made San Francisco their cultural hub.
The city hosts ​​Chinese New Year celebrations for two weeks. During this period, the Chinese Lantern Festival and typical American parade are held which features floats, stilt walkers, lion dancers, gongs, acrobats, and drums. In the end, Miss Chinatown USA is crowned.

New York, New York State
The most iconic celebrations of the Chinese New Year take place in New York City. A stunning parade is held after closing down the streets of the main Chinatown. Thousands of people attend the festivals to enjoy fireworks, martial arts demos, and traditional Chinese New Year food. During the two-week celebrations, several events are held in Sunset Boulevard, Queens, and Brooklyn.

Honolulu, Hawaii
Hawaii is also one of the popular places in the US where Chinese New Year is celebrated to the fullest. The most sought-after events of the two-week celebrations are fireworks, the Narcissus Queen Pageant, and a beautifully-lit nighttime festival.

As part of the Chinese New Year, a different animal from a total of 12 Chinese New Year animals is celebrated each year. 2002 is going to celebrate The Tiger. America is known as the land of cultural diversity, and its people are socially moderate. So, you should be one of the many Americans this year to take part in the Chinese New Year celebrations happening around you to value and promote the traditions of your fellow beings.


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