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2015 African Goodwill Awards & Induction Ceremony

2015 African Goodwill Awards & Induction Ceremony

An Evening Of Culture And Celebration

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The African Goodwill Awards and Induction Ceremony held its 12th annual event on April 25, 2015 at The Concourse Hotel in Los Angeles CA. Honoring individuals and organizations that represent the true spirit of unity and leadership through their works in Africa, this year’s event sought to bridge the African diaspora. Honorees ranged from politicians, entertainers, to philanthropists and much more from Africa and the USA at large. This year’s award recipients included Lifetime Achievement Award for peace to Ni John Fru Ndi, Founder and Chairman of the SDF, in Cameroon, Living Legend Award to Nigerian entertainer Chief Chika “Zebrudaya” Opara. Other award recipients and inductees included Dolores Sheen, Dr. Ladoris McClaney, Kiki Shepard and Rev. Lisa Meggs. South African born Rev. Kelvin Sauls received Thy Brother’s Keeper Award and Catherine “Ovulori: Olunkwa received the African Jewel Award.

An evening of excitement and red carpet glitz, guests were treated to traditional and modern dances and entertainment.

Founded by Uchenna Nworgu and Emmily Alexander, The African Focus is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote positive growth and the wellbeing of Africans all around the world.

See the recap of this glamorous event as captured by The Immigrant Magazine TV on its show INSIGHTS With Bash.

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