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TV, Make It Grow


Selling A Business, With Expert Broker, Anteneh Dejene, Make It Grow With Pamela Anchang

Host Of Make It Grow, Pamela Anchang and serial entrepreneur and business expert Anteneh Dejene

Anteneh Dejene is a business broker with Transworld Business Advisors of South Bay, www.tworld.com/southbay a world leader in buying, consulting and selling businesses. He has a rich background in accounting, building, buying and selling businesses. In this interview on Make It Grow with Pamela Anchang of www.immigrantmagazine.com, Anteneh takes us through the secrets of selling a business.


For more information on Anteneh and his brokerage firm click here: www.tworld.com/southbay

Follow Anteneh on Twitter: @tbasouthbay, Instagram: @antexla and on LinkedIn:  anteneh-dejene-ea

Follow Pamela Anchang: Twitter: @pamanchang and on Instagram: @pamanchang

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