David Oyelowo stops by The Immigrant Magazine, Frank Talk with Pamela Anchang

TIMTV Hollywood,Frank Talk Host, Pamela Anchang and Actor David Oyelowo

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In a New York Time Review, Joe Morgenstern, summarizes Disney’s Queen of Katwe, as follows

“The film as a whole conveys a strong sense of discovery, and humanity. (The cinematographer, Sean Bobbitt, favors humanizing shots, with shallow depth of field, that keep heads and faces modeled vividly against soft-focus backgrounds.”

In actor David Oyelowo’s words, it is time to tell stories about Africa that convey joy rather than the same old sadness and downtrodden rhetoric that is all too often used to depict the continent. Listen to David’s powerful message about the shift in message and his participation in this inspiring film, QUEEN OF KATWE, in which he stars as the transformational figure Robert Katende.


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