A 36-year-old Cambodian who immigrated to America when she was one is making her fight against deportation public.

Lundy Khoy appeared on CNN this past week talking about her freshman year in college when her boyfriend gave her ecstasy.

Khoy says she only wanted to be accepted and did not know at the time the drug was illegal. When police approached her, she freely admitted she had the drug and ended up spending three months in jail and serving four years on probation.

During a probation meeting when she was 23, she was approached by immigration officers and arrested.

Khoy sees herself as the face of Trump’s promise to deport those immigrants with criminal records. She has been fighting her deportation for 16 years.

“I’m not a drug dealer, not a gang member. I’m just an ordinary person that just wants to stay home where I feel like I belong,” she told CNN. “The immigration laws are very strict and rigid. I have been punished for my crime already,” she said.



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