African Diaspora Advocates for More African Refugees in US

Photo Courtesy of VOA

Tribal and regional thinking makes it difficult for the African diaspora  to speak with one voice

VOA By Elizabeth Lee

The United States says it will significantly increase the numbers of refugees it accepts from around the world over the next couple of years.  While the recent focus has been on Syrian refugees, members of the U.S. African diaspora hope African refugees will also benefit from the pledge. However, there is one hurdle that keeps Africans in the U.S. from speaking as one voice.

On the edge of downtown Los Angeles, a group of people, mainly from the Democratic Republic of Congo, gather at the African First Community Church of Southern California once a week for a little piece of home.  About one-third of them arrived in the U.S. as refugees.  Camille Ntoto, founder of Africa New Day, said applying to the U.S. under refugee status is not an easy process.

Read more and view  tv interview  at VOA

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