ODUWACOIN BLOCKCHAIN, Designed and Developed with the BEST USE CASE for AFRICA


As we witness the challenges most cryptocurrencies face after successful ICOs with finding use case for their currency beyond speculation, we realize the importance of creating cryptocurrency for the right purpose and also using blockchain technology efficiently. Cryptocurrency needs to have necessary utility function. It should not be just an object for speculation as we can now see in the current market with multiple projects fading out.

Oduwa Blockchain Solutions from the onset had in mind the end use for its cryptocurrency, “making it easy for people in remote parts of the world with disenfranchised financial liquidity challenges like Africa, to integrate the digital economy.”

This is the reason why ODUWA blockchain is digital money and makes it very easy for owners of the currency to send money peer to peer using a very easy to use private permissioned blockchian from the comfort of their cell phone, laptop or desktop.

Beyond blockchain currency, ODUWA Blockchain Solutions has created a unique exchange (ODUWAEX) with the unique proposition of assisting people in the continent of Africa convert their local fiat currency into digital currency exclusively through their exchange.

This revolutionary platform has the blockchain infrastructure and intelligence to have an African trader convert their local fiat into digital currency without losing the value of their fiat and converting their digital currency back into their local fiat currency.

This solution will also allow anyone out of Africa and in Africa to engage in digital transactions with Africa without 3rd party intervention while keeping the value of their fiat currency stable without any currency manipulation. This is a massive Fintech/blockchain solution for Africa.

This is all powered by ODUWACOIN. Go to www.oduwa.io register and get your Oduwacoins as ODUWA continues building the cornerstone to the digital economy for the common man today.

Join us and help solve Africa’s challenges one coin at a time.

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