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Los Angeles, CA -November 18, 2017- The 29th Annual celebration of the Miss Asia USA took a much welcome twist at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center with representation from a more global appeal adequately fitting for a pageant that prides itself on diversity not just in culture but also in the traditional definition of beauty. Reflecting the true fabric of the United States of America today could not have been complete without representation from the African diaspora. Pageant director Virgelia Villegas says she is proud to have a platform that unites women of all cultural, social and economic backgrounds and who see her pageant as life altering and empowering. Hence the birth of Miss Africa World to compete with the bevy of beautiful and international contestants was received with heartwarming applause when Uche Umeagukwu became the first pioneer Queen to represent Miss Africa World.


VIRGELIA PRODUCTIONS CROWNS UCHE UMEAGUKWU FIRST MISS AFRICA WORLD AT THE 29TH ANNUAL PAGEANTUche Umeagukwu was the former Miss Face Of Nigeria. Uche as she is fondly called owns and operates several wigs and hair extensions stores. This mother of 3 has a big heart for friends & family, business and charity. When asked what this title means to her, the newly crowned Queen whose mother passed away after a battle with cancer, says her mission is to always use her platforms and opportunities to empower women through service and charitable giving. Uche is also dedicated to fulfilling this childhood dream of preserving her mother’s memory by donating wigs to cancer patients. Acknowledging the courage it took to put herself out there to be judged she is glad she did and after winning, her goal is to use this new opportunity to help more women regain confidence, self-esteem and be able to live fulfilling lives. Hence her slogan, “A little Hair Grows A Long Way”.


Uche’s agenda moving forward is to use her platform and Kids N hunger to assist and lend her voice to any woman facing hair loss challenges, ensuring that no kid is left behind, making free wigs and feeding kids all over the world.


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