Hungarian Cosmetic Industry Mogul, Ida Gál-Csiszár, Celebrates Make-up Launch & Announces New Book Penned by Hollywood Film Director

Ida Gál-Csiszár and Billy B. Photo: Pamela Price


The Immigrant Experience, Making Money

In June 2017, Gállány Cosmetics celebrated their launch with make-up artist, Billy B., at The London West Hollywood. In a vibrant collaboration between two icons – industry legend Ida Gál-Csiszár, the master chemist and Billy B., the celebrity makeup artist who has created some of the most memorable looks for the biggest stars – Gállány Cosmetics and Billy B. have teamed to launch an Essentials Face & Eye Palette.

Shortly after immigrating from Hungary to the U.S., Ida Gál-Csiszár established herself as a valued quality control manager at the Johnson & Johnson headquarters in NJ. After working directly with production and the labs, Ida realized that she had a passion for chemistry and color. An opportunity arose for Ida to move to California and shortly after arriving in Los Angeles, she landed the role of lead liquid chemist at Max Factor.

It was through these two established cosmetic houses that she started the beginnings of her career. Eventually, Ida made the difficult decision to leave Max Factor and start her own business out of the garage of her house. With her expertise in chemistry and color, as well as her strong work ethic, Ida quickly grew her small establishment into a thriving Cosmetic Manufacturing facility, Classic Cosmetics, that is currently celebrating 27 years of accomplishments.

Hungarian Cosmetic Industry Mogul, Ida Gál-Csiszár, Celebrates Make-up Launch & Announces New Book Penned by Hollywood Film Director

Klaudia with GoldenEagle Award photo credit: Michael Paisner

Despite her success, Ida always dreamed of having a cosmetic line of her own. In 2014, her dream became a reality as she launched a curated a line of lipsticks, indicative of where she began, under the name Gállány. It is a line that represents beauty, style, and elegance. It is based on decades of knowledge in chemistry and art.

An intriguing new book about Ida Gál-Csiszár’s rags to riches story will be published later this year. The inspirational biography details how a penniless 17-year old Hungarian immigrant built success in America. The novel chronicles her fascinating journey, passion for entrepreneurship, and undying dedication to her dreams and goals. The memoir is penned by multi-award-winning Hollywood film and theater director, Klaudia Kovacs.



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