It's Past Time to Tune Out the 'White Oscars'

It’s Past Time to Tune Out the ‘White Oscars’

Let’s talk about the only thing that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences understands. That’s dollars and cents. African Americans spend far more dollars proportionately on Hollywood films than any other segment of the film-going public. According to a comprehensive BET research study, they make nearly 200 million trips to the movies yearly. That averages out to more than 13 movie trips for African Americans versus barely 11 for the general movie-going audience. They are more likely to make repeat visits to movies that they like. This adds up to more than $500 million in added spending. They go to the movies more often each month. The average is more than two times per month, or nearly 30 movies a year. And, contrary to the popular view, they don’t just go see “black themed” films that are heavy with black stars. In fact, more than 80 percent of the movies African Americans go see do not feature a black cast or storyline.