Why Latino Voters Can Be the ‘Unstoppable Giant’

This election makes me feel a little bit of everything, but not exactly how I expected to feel for my first time voting.

I was born in the U.S. but lived in Mexico for 15 years. I used to think that voting would never, ever make a change in society. But that has a lot to do with Mexico’s history.

I came back to the United States at age 17 in 2012. Just when I started getting into the groove of sunny California, Obama vs. Romney happened.

I didn’t vote. I wasn’t into politics and change as much as I am now. So, yes, I let four years of my life slide under the rug rather than contributing to the future of the country.


Hillary Isn’t Obama, But She Doesn’t Have to Be

The early voting returns show two unsurprising things. One is that black voters are turning out in smaller numbers in some areas than they did in the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections. The other is that the relatively lighter turnout is in marked contrast to the near record turnout among black voters for candidate Obama in 2008 and President Obama in 2012. Much shouldn’t be made of this for the simple fact that Clinton is not Obama. Clinton doesn’t need to match his total among blacks vote for vote to win the White House. Clinton could never duplicate the euphoria that Obama generated among blacks. His candidacy was not seen as a candidacy, but a crusade, a history making crusade. Blacks did not just see this as a chance to put a black president in office but a chance to snatch a piece of history along the way.


What Immigrant Communities Can Do to Prepare for Trump

Donald Trump and the Politics of Improvisation

The spirit of improvisation finds its ultimate expression in the workings of American democracy. Like improvisation, democracy believes every voice, however marginal or foolish, should be heard, every vote counted.

Then along came Donald J. Trump whose irrepressible spontaneity knocks much of this rosy vision about improv and democracy into a cocked hat. Presidential historian Jon Meachum calls Trump “Unabashedly improvisational.” David Axelrod describes him as “an improvisational performer, long on chutzpah and borscht belt put-downs but short on facts.” We’ve all seen it. The man gives no thought to the next thing out of his mouth. If Hermes the Trickster, the lord of boundary crossing, god of thieves and liars was the first improviser, Donald Trump the con man is his dark doppelganger, a dark echo point by point.


Black Doctors Charge Medical Racial Profiling

Why Black Doctors Charge Medical Racial Profiling

A group of Black doctors in Los Angeles and throughout California have been waging a long, valiant, and lonely fight against a practice which has had disastrous effects on the quality of medical care in poor, and underserved communities and harmful consequences for the doctors. The practice is medical racial profiling. This is a systematic pattern and practice of harassment, license suspensions, administrative hearings, reprimands, and write-ups of black doctors in far greater numbers than white doctors. The prime culprit the doctors say is the California Medical Board responsible for oversight over the state’s medical practitioners, and which has taken the disproportionate disciplinary action against Black doctors.


Sister Watches Helplessly as Uninsured Brother Slowly Slips Away

My brother, Jesus Eduardo Sevilla, was 56 when he died last year in Fresno, Calif., after battling a degenerative neurological disorder for four years. He was uninsured because of his undocumented status.

Jesus was a father of five, a grandfather of nine and my baby brother. He embraced life. He made everyone laugh, including the doctors and nurses who cared for him at the Fresno Medical Center. They were moved by his attitude, his personality and his compassion. At his funeral, I learned so much from each grandchild about all the things he meant to them.


California Based African-Born Soldier Frank Musisi, From Captain To Major In The United States Army

How California Based African-Born Soldier Frank Musisi Rose From Captain To Major In The United States Army

On October 14th 2016, Captain Frank Musisi’s journey culminated into a beautiful pit stop when he was honored as Major in the US Army, a shift in rank that would bring bigger and greater responsibilities. An extraordinary event at the 79th SSC headquarters at Joint Forces Training Base Los Alamitos, California, Major Musisi shared his journey, which like every immigrant experience was fraught with challenges and ultimately success for those who work hard and are determined to succeed.


Dylan Deserves The Nobel Prize, But He Wasn't The First Musician To Win

Dylan Deserves The Nobel Prize, But He Wasn’t The First Musician To Win

The decision by the Swedish Academy to award Bob Dylan the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature “for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition” was lauded by many and lamented by a few. But there was universal acknowledgment that the Academy had broken new ground by awarding the Nobel “for the first time” to a singer-songwriter since the French poet and essayist Sully Prudhomme first won it in 1901.


Doctor Charging Delta with Discrimination in Medical Emergency Speaks Out

Doctor Charging Delta with Discrimination in Medical Emergency Speaks Out

By now, everyone has probably heard about Dr. Tamika Cross’s experience with Delta Airlines and thousands have read about what she says was discrimination when attempting to aid a passenger on a flight who needed emergency assistance.

The OB-GYN, who is in her residency at McGovern Medical School in Texas, took to Facebook to share what happened to her, but since then EBONY has contacted her about the incident and she described why it frustrated her.


DR Congolese MTV Award Winning Entertainer and Philanthropist, Fally Ipupa Launches New Album With US Music Tour

DR Congolese MTV Award Winning Entertainer and Philanthropist, Fally Ipupa In Los Angeles

Fally Ipupa also known as ‘Dicap La Merveille’ 2007, Kora Awards winner for Best Artist or Group from Central Africa, 2010, MTV Africa Music Awards 2010 for Best Video (for Sexy Dance) Winner urban awards for best African artist, and nominated in the Best Live Act category at the MTV Africa Music Awards 2014 from Congo, is one of the best of Africa’s songwriters, singers and stage performers of our time.


3 Ways to Build Confidence When Insecurity Strikes

Even the world’s top CEO’s can suffer from something known as “imposter syndrome.” This is the idea that even as high-achieving individuals we fear being exposed as frauds. So feeling out of our league is a fate most of suffer at one time or another. The funny thing is that, just because we feel that way, it doesn’t mean we are. You don’t need to be the smartest person in the room to make a valuable contribution.