Day: March 22, 2016

While most would respond with an emphatic “yes” if asked if they would like more love in their lives, I suspect few people welcome the extent of “work” required to achieve that outcome. Of course, the amount of work involved depends on how far away one feels they are from the level of love they desire.

Just like achieving a diet, fitness or career goal, elevating the amount of love in your life requires commitment, change, vision and patience—with yourself and with others. Towards this end, it’s entirely possible for sentiment-seekers to create a personalized plan to achieve love goals, no matter how short or long of a journey that lies ahead. In the weight-loss analogy, if you want to lose 5 pounds or 50 pounds, your personal trainer would have different advice for you. Similarly, if you want to increase the amount of love in your life by 5% or 500%, the means to achieve this would be different.